Wednesday, 7 May 2014


We got this feedback from Arnela of the CIM (Center for Peacebuilding, Sanski Most)  about our Skype session. Thank you Arnela for taking the time to send this to us.


Skype meeting with students from Ireland was great.We met a lot of smarts and funny girls.We learned about Ireland and their city.We disscused about our and their school activities and our private activities after school.They learned about our rules in schools,what are the advantages and what not.We learned that they have schools only for boys and schools only for girls and they were surprised to hear that it doesn't exist in our country and that we only have mixed schools.We've also discussed about discrimination among students and does we all have the same rights no matter are we girls or boys.It was really fun to communicate with these girls.We are really glad and we hope that we're gonna see them one day. 

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