Thursday, 20 February 2014

How lucky are we to be in school?

After the screening of Girl Rising some members of Radio TY caught up with TY's, 1st and 2nd Years to ask them their thoughts after seeing the film.

Listen here to some 1st Years who feel inspired to do something about the issue!

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Thursday, 13 February 2014


When we were watching Girl Rising we watched the 'Walking to School' video. This inspired us to make our own, but we decided to expand to a video about our school day. We are also trying to get footage from other schools.

Here's a teaser. Enjoy!


After film survey results

At our recent screening of Girl Rising to the first years we asked them to complete a survey after the movie.
This was to test to see if they had enjoyed the film. We also wanted to know would they be inspired to take action on the issue.

The three questions were:
1. Did you enjoy the film? yes/no
2. Did you find the film - boring / inspirational / interesting
3. Would you be inspired to take action on this issue? yes / no

Survey results:

55 people said yes they enjoyed the film- 98%
1 girl said they didn't enjoy the film-2%
1 girl found the film boring-2%
32 girls found the film interesting-57%
23 girls found the film inspirational-41%
53 girls said they would be inspired to take action on this issue-95%

3 girls said they wouldn't be inspired to take action on this issue-5%

Overall we think the first years enjoyed the film and would take action on this issue. We also think we raised awareness with first years as the percentages were very high.

Survey Results

At our recent screeneing of Girl Rising to first year we asked them to complete a survey before the movie.
This was to test to see if they had read our poster that we had put around the school. If they got the answers right this means we had raised awareness.

The three questions were:
1.How many girls globally are out of education?
2.How much does an extra year of education add to your income?
3.How many girls under 18 will be married every 30 seconds?

Overall 27% got all 3 questions right. But on a question by question basis the percentages were much higher.

71% knew there were 66 million girls out of education.
48% knew an extra year of education added 20% to a girls income as an adult.
77% knew that every 30 seconds 13 girls are married.

Overall we think we have raised awareness among our first years. As these were difficult statistics to remember and they would not have known them unless they had read our posters.

We had a draw for any girl who got all 3 questions right. Dearbhla Byrne from class Clarke won and was presented with a prize.