Thursday, 30 January 2014

Walking to school

We used this short film as the crowds were coming into the Demo Room for the film,

And this one as they were leaving the room after the show.

We hope to make our own version of this film :)

We got all our screening tools here. Find out more about the Girl Rising film and how you can get involved at

Raising Awareness

We watched the film Girl Rising (thanks to Intel Ireland for arranging to have the film sent from America for us). To advertise our awareness week and how important educating girls is, we put posters up around the school with statistics and quotes from the film.

Here are some of our posters:

Friday, 10 January 2014

Our christmas test

To assess how we had done our initial research for our NGO our teachers decided to set us an Apprentice type test, which would actually be a workshop, for Christmas. We were given the task two weeks ahead of our test and we had to plan and prepare for the workshop. On the day we had 2 hours to get our poster made and make a presentation / pitch to the teacher. We also had to write a rationale for our poster and campaign. 

Here is the task we were set.

And here are some of our finished posters.