Screening Girl Rising

27th - 31st January 2014 is our Girls and Education Awareness Week in St Wolstan's.

All of the TY's have seen the full length film of Girl Rising, a film about the importance of education especially to girls.

Inspired by this film, we decided that it was important for our school to see at least part of the film so they could appreciate the education they have here in Celbridge. With this in mind we decided to show just one of the stories from the film to each of the Junior Years in school at lunchtime.

Monday 27th January - Class Tabei organised to show the story of Amina, a young girl living under the rule of teh Taliban in Afganistan. Amina fights back against the rules applied to girls in Afganistan and fights for her right to an education.

Tuesday 28th January - Class Cornaro organised to show the story of Wadley, a young girl left devastated by the earthquake in Haiti but more so, devastated by the fact that her mother cannot afford to send her to school anymore. Wadley defiantly sits under the tarpaulin on the street corner school room, just so she can be at school. She tells the teacher that she will return every day until she is allowed to stay.

Thursday 30th January - Class Tereskova organised to show the story of Suma, a young girl sold into slavery in Nepal. Suma works for four masters until a kind village teacher negotiates her freedom. Suma now fights to free other indentured slaves or 'kumlari' so they can go to school instead of working.

Here are some photos from our screenings.

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