Thursday, 13 February 2014

After film survey results

At our recent screening of Girl Rising to the first years we asked them to complete a survey after the movie.
This was to test to see if they had enjoyed the film. We also wanted to know would they be inspired to take action on the issue.

The three questions were:
1. Did you enjoy the film? yes/no
2. Did you find the film - boring / inspirational / interesting
3. Would you be inspired to take action on this issue? yes / no

Survey results:

55 people said yes they enjoyed the film- 98%
1 girl said they didn't enjoy the film-2%
1 girl found the film boring-2%
32 girls found the film interesting-57%
23 girls found the film inspirational-41%
53 girls said they would be inspired to take action on this issue-95%

3 girls said they wouldn't be inspired to take action on this issue-5%

Overall we think the first years enjoyed the film and would take action on this issue. We also think we raised awareness with first years as the percentages were very high.

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